Art projects
We use art to gain even more insights from the neighborhood and to show everyone the importance of a healthy start in a beautiful way.
You also exchange a lot of experiences and daily things you run into, which leads a lot of the times to personal conversations. And so you will really create a bond with the other parents. Also that you have the feeling of "I am not alone with these struggles" or "I am not the only one who feels that way". That sometimes you really have your hands in your hair, how do deal with certain situations .. And yes, that it is sometimes very difficult. Than you can get things off your chest for a moment, and hear oh yes, she has been in the same situation. So you know you’re not the only one, that is really comforting.
Mother (28)
from Amsterdam Nieuw-West
afbeelding 2

How do we ensure a well-oiled interplay between the research and the Art projects? What does this yield regarding the purpose of Food4Smiles?

We want to start a movement in Amsterdam Nieuw-West to show the whole district the importance of a healthy first 1000 days for children. Art is a perfect way to enter into an open dialogue with each other, gain additional insights, share the results of the research, and increase visibility for our project. That is why we concluded partnerships with various established parties in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. Together with the neighborhood, we develop (art)projects to make the importance of a healthy start visible and to show the results of the research appealingly.

The insights of the research are used in the art projects and the art projects are subsequently used in the research.


Research shows that (expectant) mothers find it difficult to take good care of themselves.


That is why we will develop and distribute a pamper box for (expectant) mothers from mid-2021. Filled with products that make them happy!


The network of midwives and Huizen van de Wijk play a crucial role in preparing these pregnant women in Amsterdam New West.

Father Event

We look back on a successful afternoon.



Save the date:


Especially to put all fathers in the spotlight, we are organizing a Father Event on Saturday, July 3th, 2021.


Location: mural, Confucius playground, Amsterdam




Increase awareness
Murals with SAMA

Together with the neighborhood, SAMA , the Amsterdam Street Art Museum, will uncover what a healthy first 1000 days look like. This year, various workshops has been given about this topic. A renowned graffiti artist has made a visual representation of what they found during these workshops. You can witness this beautiful mural in the Confucius park in Geuzenveld. 

Start a movement
Collaboration with The Beach

The Beach is a meeting place for sustainable design located in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. They strengthen local communities by projects with, and for, people and organizations from within the neighborhood. With Food4Smiles they started in 2020 an art project that revolves around the production of tea, called: “T”. This has developed in the form of a T-garden, a T-heater, a T-community, a T-brand and even a T-factory.

plukken borage

The 1000-day theme will be made visible during and around the various activities of T. For example, the tea herbs will be beautifully packaged with inspiring insights from our research. You will soon find this tea at various places in Amsterdam Nieuw-West where it will be sold and/or served.

We started with a basic T-garden at Stadsboerderij Osdorp, which will be expanded in the summer with a garden in Slotermeer and in 2021 one in Slotervaart. In addition to a nursery for different T-brand teas, these gardens also serve as a hotspot for parents with young children.

Food4Smiles uses the insights of the art projects to improve in their other areas of interest and vice versa.

Insight from Mom
Insight from dad
Insight from Grandmother
We come together with family every weekend and treat each other to sweetness. I get a cake from my sister-in-law every week. This is an expression of love. I can't refuse it, I would turn her love down. For us, sweetness is an expression of love.
Mother (30)
from Amsterdam Nieuw-West
I would like some information about how to raise our children, or rather how to better raise our children, because of course we all raise our children.(during appointments at the children healthcare centre).
Father (40)
from Amsterdam Nieuw-West
At my house, my rules apply of course. It is my house after all. Their rules apply at their house, not at mine.
Grandmother (47)
from Amsterdam Nieuw-West
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