New article: read about the perspectives of parents with young children and healthcare professionals towards support from healthcare professionals
29/09/2021 —
baby op kleed

The first two years of a child’s life have been found to be crucial for optimal growth and development. Support from healthcare professionals is especially important during this period. This study explored the perspectives of parents with children aged 0–2 years and healthcare professionals concerning parental needs and support provided by healthcare professionals.

Through a qualitative research approach, we found that parents preferred support that was tailored to their personal needs and practices. Building a trusting relationship between healthcare professionals and parents was also found to be important. The healthcare professionals recognized many of the parents’ experiences. Some expressed that they felt bound to adhere to professional guidelines, which hindered them to provide customized support.

Recommendation for establishing tailored support and trust are self-disclosure by professionals, addressing possible misconceptions openly, and showing interest in someone’s considerations or family and cultural customs.