Training Health Ambassadors
13/07/2020 —
Conversational cards
Local residents mobilize for a healthy first 1000 days
Training Health Ambassadors

Health ambassadors are volunteering local residents that pursue the wellness of their neighborhood by organizing activities to serve this goal.

In 2019 the health ambassadors participated in a follow-up training that was especially aimed at a healthy lifestyle for the first 1000 days. As a part of this training they interviewed other local residents about subjects that were close to their hart: sleep, taking care of yourself as a mother, and kids’ screen time. 

In collaboration with the health ambassadors, we developed several activities based on the interviews and tested them in different locations in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. These are the activities that we generated:

Conversational cards for parents with young children
Cards with a photo and question side that can be used to initiate a group discussion between parents with young children. Themes are all kinds of lifestyle and parenting topics.


Conversational cards for pregnant women
Cards with a photo and question side that can be used to initiate a group discussion between pregnant women. Themes cover a variety of topics related to the gestational period.


Screen time quiz for parents with young children
A quiz with questions and facts that can be used to talk about screen use of young children with groups of parents. Screens are for example tv, tablet or telephone. In the quiz a link is made with the eye development of young children.

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conversational cards
“This was really a nice way to talk to each other. We discuss topics that we would otherwise not discuss with each other. In this way you learn very different and new things.“