Parents' comments at T-project meetings
10/07/2020 — #Art Projects
Borage plukken in de thee tuin

The comments below are exchanges between parents at The Beach T-project meetings

- You can dry and chop dates to use as sugar.

- The honey must be real.

- If it is not real honey you have to add a little more sugar. I would like this project to be the start of a women's cooperative. I've been looking for it for a long time.

- Fig leaves are super healthy, also olive leaves by the way. This is also described in the Quran.

- Normally I put 6 tablespoons of sugar in the traditional Moroccan teapot. This is because it is tradition.

- When I take a cup of fennel tea, I only take 1 small scoop for the taste. I don't mind.

- It all started with Ibn Sina (Avicenna). As a scholar, he has meant a lot to the Arab world in terms of herbs and medicine. And with that he was far ahead of the Western world. Look it up.

-  If you have a fever, place a few slices of potato on your forehead and under your feet. That works fever-reducing. First put potatoes in the freezer.

-  If you have a headache or you don't feel well, you can add a piece of bread to the vein tea. It helps and it is also delicious. You drink this without sugar.

- In the past my parents also used to drink sugar in the tea, but I stopped it myselve. It was not tasty at first, but you get used to it. I also passed that on to my own children.

- Fennel seeds in warm water is good for the children.

- My grandfather in Hong Kong always drinks drinks with stevia. If you use too much of it it becomes bitter.