Interactive gatherings for parents and their children in their first 1000 days
Parent-child mornings

It became clear from our explorative research in Nieuw-West that parents need more informal venues for get-togethers.

 Therefore Food4Smiles (in collaboration with City farm Osdorp and the municipality of Amsterdam) organizes parent-child mornings for parents and their children up to 2 years old from Amsterdam Nieuw-West. From April 2019, these mornings became a routine for kids to play and parents to meet. Throughout these informal meetings, parents learn from each other and exchange experiences.

During these mornings everybody has the opportunity to participate in fun and educational activities that all have a connection with nature. One of the health ambassadors or an expert takes the lead in an activity or workshop that contributes to the development of the parent-child interaction such as, moving through a parkour, workshop food for toddlers, making twist shake bottles, dental care, sleep, and toddler- dance and yoga. All activities are easily accessible, interactive, and based on learning by doing.

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Tijdens de ochtenden is er de mogelijkheid om leuke en leerzame activiteiten te doen, waarbij altijd een verbinding is met de natuur. Begeleid door een gezondheidsambassadeur of deskundige worden er verschillende activiteiten of workshops gedaan die bijdragen aan de ontwikkeling van het kind en aan de ouder-kind interactie, zoals bewegen aan de hand van een parcours, workshop peuterhapjes, schudflesjes maken, tandverzorging, slapen, en peuterdans en -yoga. De activiteiten en workshops zijn allemaal laagdrempelig, interactief en gebaseerd op ‘leren door te doen’.


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"The parent-and child meetings were different every time. I left every week with new insights, about myself, about my child."
Mother from Nieuw-West